Two convicted of attempted murder of 40 year old get longer prison sentence

This summer, three people tried to kill a 40-year-old man on a road between Broby and Sibbhult. Two of the three people involved have now received a tougher sentence. The Court of Appeal has sentenced them to 7 and 9 years in prison.

The victim was a 40-year-old man. His ex-wife was sentenced to four years imprisonment by the District Court for aggravated assault. The sentence remains the same after the Court of Appeal’s verdict. But her brother and her mother received a tougher sentence. The mother got five years imprisonment for attempted murder in the District Court, but the Court of Appeal changed the sentence to seven years imprisonment. The brother got a seven year sentence in the District Court; it is now nine years imprisonment.
The two will remain in custody until the verdict is carried out.
The Court of Appeal believes that the three had a plan to kill the 40-year-old. On August 12, the 40-year-old’s ex-wife tricked him into going to Lunnom to look at a house with her. It was there that the attempted murder took place.
In her car they found a large stone, an unopened canvas cover, two roles of garbage disposal bags and a plastic bucket. During the attempted murder they used plastic gloves, a taser (electric shock weapon) and stones to hit the 40-year-old in the head and a yellow Netto bag to strangle and choke him.
The attempted murder was interrupted first when other cars drove past.
The sentenced will also pay damages of approximately 200,000 crowns to the 40-year old.

Carl-Johan Liljedahl