Torchlight procession in Kristianstad for women's rights

On Sunday January 14, a torchlight procession will place a #metoo-light on women’s rights. Kristianstad is one of several cities in Sweden that will carry out a torchlight procession.


In recent months, school pupils, students, athletes, sportsmen and several professional groups have come out and reported violations, sexual harassment and rape. The #allavi group now wants to unite different #metoo groups to torchlight processions. In Kristianstad it will be held at 3pm on Sunday January 14 at Stora torg.

– We will carry torches in our hands and show that this is a movement that unites us, both in Sweden and around the world. We want to break the culture of silence. More and more are daring to tell, but we are many who still do not dare, says Ann-Sofie Adermark from the group #allavi in Kristianstad.

– #allavi is a group where all of us involved demand an end to sexual harassment, abuse and rape. They will have zero tolerance, everywhere and always.

Malin Lernfelt will hold a speech about women’s rights being human rights.

– That women are people and should not be treated as objects.

There will be sign language interpreters.