Tivolibadet re-opens after vandalism

On Monday morning, the large pool was re-opened after an act of vandalism where two stones the size of fists were thrown through the double glazed windows. As previously reported by Kristianstadbladet, Kristianstad’s Sportdykarklubb (underwater swimming club) had been working to pick up shards of glass from the pool. On Sunday around 5pm they were done with the work.

– To make sure all of the bits of glass had been removed we used a pool vacuum cleaner. This morning we couldn’t find any remnants of glass and so we decided to re-open the pool, says Mats Svensson.

How have the visitors reacted?

– I believe everyone thinks that it’s sad. We have had a break-in previously where someone tried to take money, but there wasn’t much to take from here. Unlike on that occasion, this was an act of pure vandalism. I really can’t see the point of it. It affects everyone who wants to swim and exercise here, says Mats Svensson.

Mats Svensson has previously pointed out that he believes that there is a connection between the act of vandalism and an incident that happened last week where some visitors who were causing a disturbance had to be spoken to by the staff at the bathhouse.

– I can’t imagine that it was a little girl or boy that had thrown the stones. You would have to be quite strong to throw the stones with such force that it breaks a double glazed window. The police will investigate if there is a connection between the two incidents, he says.

When asked if they will change any safety practices, Mats Svensson replies that it is impossible to protect the bathhouse against this type of vandalism.

– I don’t really know what we could do to avoid it. Even if we had surveillance cameras outside, they could easily cover their faces.

How much the vandalism has cost the bathhouse has not been worked out yet.

– The after work and loss of income from the weekend are actually just a small part of the larger cost. The biggest cost is from the glass panes which is made of special materials, says Mats Svensson.