Sverigedemokraterna the biggest party in several municipalities in Skåne

Sverigedemokraterna (The Swedish Democrats) have made big gains in the municipal elections – most of all in southern Sweden.


When almost all of the votes have been counted, it is clear that SD have ben very succesful in Skåne. SD got the greatest proportion of votes inHörby, where the party goes from 21,1 per cent to 35, 4 per cent. This means that the party gets six seats more than previously, 15 seats in all, in the municipal council.

Sverigedemokraterna are also the biggest party in Sjöbo, Skurup, Svedala, Svalöv, Höör, Örkelljunga, Klippan, Hässleholm (25,7 per cent) and Trelleborg.

In Kristianstad, SD is the second-biggest party with 23,2 per cdent of the cotes. The Social Democrats are still the biggest party, but have backed to 25,5 per cent (-5,4 per cent).

In Östra Göinge SD have backed to 16,1 per cent. That is 2,8 per cent less than SD had in the 2014 election.