Submarine case: Great interest in trial of Peter Madsen who is suspected of murdering Kim Wall

Today, the trial of Peter Madsen begins in Copenhagen. He is suspected of murdering the Swedish journalist Kim Wall. Madsen admits dismembering her body but denies murder. About 100 journalists from over ten countries will be following the trial closely.


The trial is one of the most high-profile cases in Denmark.

– The media interest is great from both Denmark as well as abroad. This is probably the case that has gained the most interest in the history of Copenhagen’s District Court, says Jens Stausbøll, press officer in the District Court.
The submarine case is well-known all over the world. Much has been written about the case of the Swedish journalist. Peter Madsen took Kim Wall on his submarine but she disappeared and was later found dead in August last year.
On Thursday, prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen will read through the charges brought against Madsen which are; murder, sex offences and crime against the peace of the grave.
The trial will last for 12 days. The plan is that a verdict will be given on April 25th.