Staff flee from surgical department at CSK. Both nurses and assistant nurses leave.

Assistant nurses and nurses have said that they have given up their job at the surgical department, at Centralsjukhuset (CSK), or intend to do so.


– Several members of staff have said that they are going to give up their job at the surgical department. Both assistant nurses and nurses are leaving, says Göran Klinteberg, senior safety delegate at CSK.

Kristianstadsbladet has written several articles about the crisis at the surgical department so Klinteberg was there and spoke to the staff, in his roll as senior safety delegate.

He wanted to find out about the crisis.

– Some of the older, more experienced members of staff are leaving. They have to carry a heavy load, ad it’s more than they are able to do in the long run. But there are also some new collegues who have had a rude wakening, who can’t stand the pace and have a breakdown. It gets worse for every year that passes. Eventually the limit is reached, he says.

Many member of staff have interrupted their holidays in order to work, their superiors order them to take double shifts and extra shifts.

– You come to work in the morning and then you’re ordered to work until 10 pm. This often causes problems in the family and with friends who have to step in and look after the children, for example.

The surgical department has three wards. One and a half of them are closed because of shortage of staff. Now patients have to lie in the corridors.

– In the corridors it is never dark, not even at night, you hear bells buzzing at all hours and there are relatives and other patients moving arougn there. That is bad.


Hilda Ärlemyr