Shots fired into a flat in Glimåkra

During the night between Thursday and Friday there was a shooting incident in Glimåkra. The police were called to the location at 00:25 am. Someone has fired shots into a flat.


There were people in the flat.

– But no-one has been injured, says Magnus Lefèvre, officer on duty at police district South.

Technicians have been at the scene, police have interviewed the people in the flat and neighbours. A sniffer dog has made certain finds which indicate that it was a shooting.

– There is damage inside the flat. So it is confirmed that shots have been fired, says Magnus Lefèvre.

The incident comes under the heading of attempted murder.

Shortly after four o’clock on Friday morning the police technicians were finished at the scene and the cordons were removed. No-one has been apprehended for the crime.

The police would like to get in touch with eyewitnesses, who can call 114 14 to speak to the police.

Ida Österberg