Sfi starts at Broby hospital

It has been under discussion for some time – but now it has been decided. On 16th April what used to be Broby hospital will come into use as classrooms for Sfi courses.
In October Kristianstadsbladet could report that Östra Göinge needed a large number of Sfi-places, and one solution might be to take in 160 students in four former wards at Brobysjukhuset (Broby hospital), in co-operation with Folkuniversitet (under Jämshögs Folkhögskola).
But conditions for immigrants coming to Sweden have changed, so there is less need now, says Mia Karlsson, in charge of Sfi at Folkuniversitet.
But there will be lessons. After looking at its waiting-list, the commune has called 20 people to an information meeting on Thursday, 12th April, and four days later lessons will begin.
– I think we can reach a total of 100 through time, says Karlsson.
At the moment there are 40-50 on the commune’s waiting-list for Sfi, but not everyone has been evaluated , we must see for example if they can go straight into a B- or C-course, or if they are illiterate.
There are already Sfi-classes in Hanaskog and Sibbhult ( both run by the commune) and in Glimåkra (Glimåkra Folkhögskola).

Carl-Johan Liljedahl