Several water-leaks in Östra Göinge - everyone in Glimåkra, Broby, Hjärsås and Sibbhult is being urged not to waste water

Last Sunday there was a big water-leak in Broby. It has now been repaired. But there have been more water-leaks in Sibbhult., Hjärsås and Glimåkra. So everyone who lives there must be careful not to waste water.

Östra Göinge

The firm for water and sewage services, SBVT (Skåne Blekinge Water Service), has appealed to everyone not to waste water, for example not to fill pools or water lawns in the places where leaks have occured.

The water may be discoloured, but it is not harmful.

There have been five big water-leaks in places in Östra Göinge commune during the past week, including Sibbhult and Glimåkra. A tank lorry has ben in place in Glimåkra all weekend. A water leak was also discoveed in Hjärsås last week.

SBVT has no supsicion that the leaks are due to sabotage.