Rewarding debate for students at Göinge Utbildningscenter

For the students at Göinge Utbildningscenter, GUC, the debate with politicians in Folkets hus (the community centre) in Sibbhult was rewarding. Kb Mosaik met some of the students.We asked what they thought of the debate and whether they intend to vote.
On 23rd May there was a debate with all eight parties that are represented in the municipal council in Östra Göinge. Among the public were students from Göinge Utbildningscenter. After the debate, the students voted.

Amro Assi, teacher, language supporter:
– The students here are aged between 17 and 20.Their reactions are good. This is shown by the questions students have, that they are interested in politics, especially when it comes to schools, jobs, development in the municipality – why is there no senior high school in the municipality?
– The students learn at grundskola (compulsory school) level and at Komvux (adult education).We think that the election debate and the fact that we have a school election gives the students some experience of what it is like to go and vote, after first having listened to the parties.

Amro Assi. Photo: Sofyan Aswad

Mazen Kurdi, 19, studies at basic level:
– I’ll vote in the election. The debate has given me a lot of information about politics and the parties, so now I know which party to vote for. After the debate I’ll follow the news more closely and keep up with what is happening.

Mazen Kurdi. Photo: Sofyan Aswad

Ali Alsouki, 18, IM language:
– I know more about politics and the parties after the debate. Besides, I know now, after the discussions, which questions are important in the community. I understand more now about what is going on. After the debate I decided which party I’ll vote for.

Ali Alsouki. Photo: Sofyan Aswad

Diana Nomoura, 18, IM language:
– I’ve read a lot about politics before the debate, so I’ve got some idea about politics. But what is most important for me is to meet the politicians and listen to how they discuss matters , and see what they look like. After the debate I could make up my mind which party to vote for.

Diana Nomoura. Photo: Sofyan Aswad