Red Cross offers support for a better life

The Red Cross doesn’t only give help to people in wars and times of catastrophe. In Kristianstad the organisation has physical training for women and in the autumn there will be a cookery course. The language café will continue, and the organisation helps reunite families.


The Red Cross in Kristianstad gives support to everyone who needs help. Kb Mosaik met three women who do voluntary work there.

– We have a lot of volunteers who help us. Many of them are recent arrivals. We don’t have many who get paid.

We help new arrivals to learn Swedish and explain to them how Swedish society works, says Hanna Gunnarsson.

– We work with all kinds of people. We only focus on the situation they are living in and the problems they have from war or some similar situation, she says. Kerstin Perby is responsible for the language café.

– Now we have a language café once a week. Most of the people who come to the language café are from Afghanistan, she says.

– We often go out of the town with them or to Tivoli park to teach them about nature. And at the same time we can chat and get to know each other.

– Now we’re planning a course where we can make food together and practise Swedish. It will start on 26 September, says Kerstin Perby.

Photo: Yvonne Åsell SvD/TT.


When it comes to reuniting families, Hanna Gunnarsson says:

– We try to help everyone to be reunited with their families through our international contacts. We give financial help as well, so that they can come to Sweden. We have training sessions for women at “Friskis & Svettis” too. We try to improve the way women feel.

When they feel well, it makes for better integration, she says. Training is between 9 and 10 o’clock every Thursday at “Friskis & Svettis”. It started last spring, with eight or nine women to begin with.

– Now 20 women train with us. That’s really great, says Hanna Gunnarsson.

They encourage all women to come along to the training sessions and enjoy the happiness and sense of community.

– There are lots of women who train and want to improve their body. We have many women who wear a veil.

It doesn’t matter to us what they wear. What’s important is that our training produces results, says Lena Jeppsson.

The Red Cross
Was instituted in 1863. The Red Cross is a voluntary humanitarian organisation which helps people hit by war and conflict. The society is active both locally and internatonally. In Sweden there are about 1,100 local branches with a total of more than 30 000 volunteers.

Photo: Petter Johansson Röda korset.

Among other things, the Red Cross holds first-aid courses and runs second-hand shops all over Sweden.
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