Police in north-eastern Skåne and Blekinge to become one division

In September a new division of police areas in Region Syd will be implemented. North-east Skåne and Blekinge will then form one division.


It was the National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, who made the decision regarding the new division of police areas. The new division should not affect citizens. This is what Carina Persson, Regional Chief of Police in the South, writes in a press release.

– Our operational capacity and service at the local level remain the same, she says.

The new division will strengthen the police’s ability to collaborate with different partners, investigative activities will be more efficient and the work environment will be better.

In September 2018, there will be five police divisions in Region Syd: PO Blekinge Northeast Skåne, PO Kalmar Kronoberg, PO Malmö, PO Northwest Skåne, PO South Skåne.

Birgitta Mattisson