Police class shooting as attempted murder

On Sunday evening a police helicopter flew round over Näsby in Kristianstad. There were no injured people at the scene, but the police found one of the cars which may have been involved in the shooting.


The alarm went off at 9.48 on Sunday evening. A big police operation was mounted. Eight to ten police patrols were ordered to the scene at Vemmenhögsgatan, and a police helicopter also took part in the search.

– Petrol was leaking out of the car, which had been shot at. So there’s no doubt at all that there was shooting between the cars. We’ve ascertained that partly from the car, but also in another way which we can not disclose at the moment, says police spokesman Stephan Söderholm.

Several policemen have also been seen at other places in Kristianstad. At Näsby the police have cordoned off an area in order to carry out a technical examination.

According to a witness Kristianstadsbladet spoke to, people in two cars met up in a turning zone and started shooting at eachother. Four och five shots were heard.

The police have also cordoned off an area round Tivolibadet.

No-one has been arrested, and at present no-one with shout wounds has turned up at the hospital.

– But we have information from witnesses and of course we have one of the cars. Now all we want to do is find the other car, and the people who were sitting in the cars, says Stephan Söderholm.

Nobody has been arrested after the shooting at Vemmenhögsgatan. The police class the shooting as attempted murder.