Patience and sympathy with others the purpose of Ramadan

Every year Muslims all over the world fast for a month during Ramadan. During Ramadan Muslims should learn patience and the importance of being kind to others.


Ramadan begins on 16th May. Here in Sweden Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink from 3:30 am till 9:30 pm.
Fasting has several purposes. For example you should feel what it is like to be hungry, as poor people do who do not have enough to eat, in other words sympathise with people who have difficulties.

You should also learn to be patient, to realise that you cannot get everything you want at once.

Ramadan teaches Muslims to be good people and to control themselves if someone behaves badly towards them. During Ramadan people should be kind to one another.

Food is important during Ramadan. Since fasting lasts for many hours, those who observe the fast need energy to see them through the whole day. Many eat just once per day, at night, before 3:30 am.

The end of this difficult month is celebrated by Eid*, a three-day-long festival. Everyone is glad, especially the children, who get presents and money.

All Muslims should give some money to poor people so that they too can celebrate the Eid festival when the time of fasting is over.

Mohamad Kanina