Östra Göinge has higher unemployment than Malmö

Östra Göinge has higher unemployment than Malmö and the highest unemployment in Skåne. “It was expected,” says the Municipal Commssioner, Patric Åberg (M).

Östra Göinge

Östra Göinge has an unemployment rate of 14.9 per cent. The commune is among the hardest hit communes in Sweden. This is shown in Arbetsförmedlingens (the Job Centre’s) statistics from December.

– We also have the highest number of commune placed new arrivals, says Patric Åberg.

Patric Åberg (M). Photo: Lasse Ottosson

The number of new arrivals is connected to unemployment.

– If you separate the group of new arrivals, the unemployment rate in Östra Göinge ends up at a much better level.

– In the commune we have always worked to encounter this. But it is difficult. A decision must be made at the national level, says Patric Åberg.

He is worried about alienation and segregation.

– The commune has a new labour market department. It helps to get new arrivals in employment.

– But the commune cannot do everything. The labour market in north-eastern Skåne must get better. Jobs must be created where you live. Otherwise, there is a risk that people will move.

Åberg believes it will be tough in the years to come.

– We have said this the whole time. Therefore we have tried to prepare ourselves economically during good times.

– But it is also required that companies want to hire. The commune cannot hire everyone.

– Change is also required at the national level which will give businesses better opportunities to hire.

Marie-Louise Lindell