Now seniors at Challan can get together too

On Thursday afternoon the municipality’s newest meeting-place for the town’s senior citizens was officially opened. The room at  Jacobs väg was filled with dancing visitors who got the chance to tell just what they would like.


– It’s great to hear all the chatter, it’s like music.

That’s what Eva Ståhl, pedagogue for seniors, says as she looks out over the room at Chatlottesborg and everyone who has come to the opening of the new meeting-place.

– Everyone can get together here, informally. What kind of acitivities there are is up to the people who come along, she says.

The visitors are encouraged to write down what they would like and what they expect from the meeting-place on little yellow post-it stickers which they put up on the wall: how to make the most of your computer, community information and bingo are a few of the suggestions.

Gyöngyi Rüll, pedagogue for seniors, welcomes everyone, and sees that there are some well-known faces from the meeting place that uses to be at Charlottesborg before it was moved to Slottet at Vilan seven years ago.

Now the new meeting-place has come about thanks to co-operation between the housing societies in the area and Medborgarskolan.Chairman of Omsorgsnämnden (the Social Care Committee), Marianne Eriksson (S), takes up her place in front of the ribbon along with Lennart Persson, chairman of the tenants’ association Sting.

Marianne Eriksson (S), chairman of the Social Care Committee, was invited to come and cut the ribbon along with Lennart Persson, chairman of the tenants’ asssociation Sting. Photo: Sofyan Aswad.

– Everything to do with preventitive work is important for me. We know that there are very many people who feel lonely.

– I wish we could help older people to find friends, but what we can do is to provide meeting-places, says Marianne Eriksson before cutting the ribbon and declaring the municipality’s 17th meeting-place officially opened.

The seniors are soon up on their feet, in inaugurating the room by dancing together. What they have for plans fot the autumn remains to be seen.

Chatarina Sigala