Norretullskolan to teach pupils in English

Skoinspektionen (the School Inspectorate) has granted permission to Norretullskolan to start teaching in English in classes 7 to 9.

Kristianstad commune has been granted permission by the Schools Inspectorate to start teaching in English at Norretullskolan.

– We are very happy. It is wonderful to be able to offer this to students in Kristianstad who have an interest in language, says Helena Johansson, Principal at Norretullskolan.

The plan for the next academic year is to offer teaching in English for the subjects SO ( social-oriented subjects such as social studies and history), NO (nature-oriented subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics) and sports. Teaching will be the same as at the English school in Hässleholm. A number of students from Kristianstad commute there every day.

Norretullskolan will collaborate with the IB-programme (International Baccalaureate) at Söderportgymnasiet. Students in grade 7 can apply until the autumn term 2018. In mid-February the school will upload application documents on its website.

Christian Gradholt