Moderates make big advances in Östra Göinge. "I'm absolutely gobsmacked", says Patric Åberg (M)

Östra Göinge has been a Social Democrat stronghold. After the election it is clear that the Moderates have gained a strong foothold. “I can hardly believe it’s true. This just shouldn’t happen”, says a delighted Patric Åberg (M).

Östra Göinge

The five-leafed clover has been in power in Östra Göinge for two terms. But the Environment Party and the Liberals will mots probaly lose their seats in the municipal council.

Instead the Moderates have had an unbelievable success in the election. The party increased by no less than 17,8 per cent (!), from 24,9 per cent of the votes in 2014 to 42,7 in this election.

Patric Åberg says that this means 14 seats, and along with the Centre (1 seat) and the Kristdemocrats (1 seat) they will have a majority of the 31 seats in the municipal council.

What surprises Åberg most is that the Moderates won the classic S-strongholds Sibbhult and Hanaskog.

– It’s all down to teamwork. We’ve been knocking at door, scince 12th April. The people in Göinge have appreciated a clear leadership, that we can make decisions, that we can stand up to the state when it does something stupid, and that we have our economy under control. It has been a choise between Anders Bengtsson (S), leader of the opposition, and me.

Patric Åberg finds it hard to underrstand what has happend in this election, with M’s unpreprecented success.

– It’s simply shouldn’t happen, theres’s no way that it should. In a municipality where the level of education and incomes is low. it’s just b-y crazy. I’m gobsmocked. It’s a total rout, Åberg says.

According to prelimanry figures, all the parties except the Moderates have suffered losses. And a new party, “Mitt Göinge” at  least one seat in the municipal council.

Carl-Johan Liljedahl