Maria Mödravård supports young mothers with addiction

In a world where only the economy is in focus, there is a flourishing project about the most fragile. About children being born. About mothers who deal with addiction, who are supported to become drug-free for the sake of their children.

Maria Mödravård (Maria Mother care) is at the Women’s Clinic at CSK. There are two midwives and a social worker. Expectant mothers come here for visits.
Maria Mödravård is a very small experimental unit. At the centre of its focus is the expectant mother who has problems with addiction.
The project started about a year and a half ago. 19 women have been involved in Maria Mödravården’s soft but constructive net.
– A baby growing inside of you motivates most people to seek a drug-free life. We are here to support and help and maybe find those who do not really acknowledged that they have problems with addiction, says midwife Erika Ahlgren.
The child is in focus. To give the child a good start in life. To break the cycle of destructive families. A working family. Self-sufficient parents. Fewer cases of children being taken into custody, fewer foster home placements, fewer broken souls, more healthy children. Positive for both the individual and the community.
The project is three years old. The plan is for Maria Mödravård to be permanent.
– We have found a way of working that we think works and we see that there is both a great need for it and that we are making a difference, says midwife Marina Bergström.
The style of working is more personal than in the usual maternity care.
– There is a lot of fear and insecurity among these women, they rarely trust anyone. Perhaps they have been in situations before where their children were taken away from them, maybe they worry about things that they do not know. Here we can build trust and support them in this big moment of becoming a parent and a good rolemodel, says Camion Ohlin Brobeck.
– We follow them for two years after the child is born, if they want us to, explains Erika Ahlgren.
Thanks to the project, some cases of the child being taken away from the mother’s custody after birth have been cancelled.
One thing the staff noticed during the course of the project is that abuse is sometimes linked to self-medication and mental health.

Åsa Carlsson