Man found murdered in flat in Kristianstad. Two men in custody are suspected of having murdered the man.

Four months ago a man was found dead in a flat in JH Dahlsgatan . Two men are suspected of having murdered the man. On Wednesday it was decided to detain them in custody for two more weeks.


After the prosecutor had requested more time to complete the murder investigation the court held new custody proceedings on Wednesday with the younger of the two suspects, a man in his middle twenties.

The judge in charge of the proceedings ruled that the man remain in custody. He is suspected on reasonable grounds (the more serious grade of suspicion) of murder on 14-15th April in a flat in central Kristianstad.

The older of the two suspects, a man in his thirties, agreed to remain in custody without court proceedings.

The murder investigation is not yet complete. Further interrogations still have to be made, including some with the suspects, who have given different accounts of what happened in the flat. The investigation is still waiting for a report from the pathologist, the technical report and various analyses from NFC, the National Forensic Centre.