Long queue for preschool: Östra Göinge asks parents to wait with placing their children in preschool

Approximately 70 children are in the queue to start preschool in Östra Göinge. The commune is struggling to find places for all of the children. The commune therefore hopes that some parents can wait until autumn before placing their children in preschool.

Östra Göinge

There are an increasing number of children in Östra Göinge. Östra Göinge is expanding all of its preschools. But the need is greater. The new preschool Agneberg in Hanaskog is already full.

– At the moment we only have a few places available at Kyrkparken’s preschool in Hanaskog (it is run by Svenska kyrkan – the Swedish church), says Ulla Wram. She is the Manager of the Family and Education department in Östra Göinge commune.

In Broby there are several children in the queue. Åvillans preschool in Broby was only supposed to be a temporary solution but it is now a permanent preschool. Åvillan has places available for 40 children. In a few days a third department will be opened. Then there will be an additional 20 places for the children.

The Lutherska missionshuset (the Lutheran mission house) in Broby will be converted to a preschool. In November, children from the preschool in Hantverksgården and Solrosen will move there. Then the Prästavångsskolan will get its premises back, something that the school needs. The school is also growing significantly.

Färe Montessori is opening a preschool in Hantverksgården at the end of 2019 with places available for 35 children.

The preschool Raketen in Glimåkra will also remain open. The plan was that Raketen would only be a temporary solution.

– We are constantly working to offer places in preschools that parents want, says Wram.

Marie-Louise Lindell

Carl-Johan Liljedahl