Linjekiosken at Näsby burned down during the night. Pupiils were sent home because of smoke from the fire.

There was a fire at Linjekiosken in Näsby during the night. It was impossible to salvage the kiosk,so it was left to burn itself out. Pupils in classes 6 – 9 at Fröknegårdskolan were sent home.


The fire was discovered when several alarms in the kiosk went off at the same time, the police say. The smoke spread towards Fröknegårdskolan, the Folktandvården dental clinic and Snapphanevägen.

Smoke from a fire irritates the nose, and several pupils were bothered by the smoke. The smoke was drawn into the ventilation system.

– The pupils who were sent home are in classes 6 – 9 in the upper school.The adults responsible for the children have been contacted by telephone and sms, says Jan Herngren, rector for the upper school.

It is planned to have the school open as usual tomorrow.