KHK wants to attract more spectators to handball games. Free admission to matches. ”The girls deserve a bigger public”

On 13th September it’s the first match of the season for the women in Kristianstad Handboll, KHK.Their opponents are IK Sävehof, who won the top series last year.

Now the club hopes that more people will come to the matches at Kristianstad Arena. So admission to all the games in the regular season will be free.


Last season an average of 754 people turned out to watch KHK’s matches, which gave the team third place in the number of supporters per match, after IK Sävehof with 1,265 and Boden Handboll IF with 911.

This season KHK hopes that more handball enthusiasts will come to the hall, so they are offering all visitors free admission to all the games in the rgular season in the top series, “Svensk Handbollselit”, SHE.

Merete Tillman.

– The girls deserve a bigger public and we want to give everyone in Kristianstad a chance to follow the team, says Merete Tillman, chairman of KHK.

The club’s target is to be best in Sweden and win gold in the Swedish Championships in 2020.

The match against Sävehof starts at 7 pm.


KHK’s matches in Kristianstad

13/9 – IK Sävehof.

8/10 – Kungälvs HK.

25/10 – VästeråsIrsta HF.

9/11 – Önnereds HK.

19/12 – Boden Handboll IF.

4/1 – Höörs HK H 65.

18/1 – Skara HF.

1/2 – BK Heid.

15/2 – Skuru IK.

22/2 – Lugi HF.

10/3 – Skövde HF.