Joy and pride at school Thoren Framtid

The fifth grade at the school “Thoren Framtid” in Hässleholm won the local “Vi i femman” (a quiz competition for fifth graders) on radio P4. On Tuesday there is an open house at the school.


At Thoren Framtid the atmosphere is happy and loud. In the fifth grade classroom the prize trophy from P4 Kristianstad’s “Vi i femman” has a place of honour on a separate table.

Siri Caruso was one of the participants who answered questions in the studio during the competition. She gets to speak on behalf of the class.
– It feels so good! We had practiced a lot in school beforehand by watching the news, answering questions and solving difficult math questions, she says.
After a while in the competition it was easier to keep the nerves under control, but at first it was very nerve-wracking, says Siri Caruso.
– The first time was really the most nerve-wracking in the studio. I almost had a heart attack then! But it was fun to be there and everything went well.
Students have celebrated the victory with a cake party at the school and their own little disco in the classroom.
Thoren Framtid is looking forward and hoping to participate in more radio programs in the future.

– We can think about being on another program now. ”Smartare än en femteklassare” (Smarter than a fifth-grader) or ”Vem vet mest junior” (Who knows most junior) should be fun! says Siri Caruso.
On Tuesday night the school is holding an open house for parents whose children are in the queue to start at the school.

Clara Andersson