Integration under discussion at Snackbar

When are you a new arrival and how do you become integrated? That was the subject of the season’s third ’Snackbar’ at the Kulturkvarter.


Mohamad Kanina from Kb Mosaik led the discussion when Salah Saleh, integration support for unaccompanied minors talked about different aspects of immigration and integration.

– New arrivals, that idea has a time-limit. From the day you come to a new country, while you are waiting for permission to stay, till you get your residence permit and a short time after that. Then you are into an process of integration, said Salah Saleh, who himself asked Mohamad:

– What do you say about people who have lived here for 15 years but who haven’t learnt the language?

– They aren’t new arrivals. They’ve been here for a while, but they’re not newly-arrived. Maybe society needs to help them for more than 3-4-years, said Mohamad Kanina.

– They don’t want to become integrated into the community. The new country has accepted them, informed them. After that it is up to the individual to work along with the community to become integrated in every way, said Salah Saleh.

– Thee are also people who are integrated, but in a negative way. As criminals. But you can’t live in Sweden for ten years and say that you’re a new arrival.

Salah Saleh pointed out that up till now Sweden has had a good immigration policy recognised all over the world. But immigration also places demands on the individual.

– I compare the immigrant with a car and the community with a garage. The car must drive to the garage and drive in. But the garage must be ready to receive the car, says Salah Saleh.

Around 30 people listened to Snackbar on 9th April. Snackbar will be back in the autumn with more stimulating discussions.

Clifford Johansen