Huts to be removed when no longer needed

The number of unaccompanied refugee minors is decreasing and so is the municipality’s need of different types of housing. Just now the temporary housing in Arkelstorp is being demolished.


In April this year the Labour and Welfare administration (Arbets- och välfärdsförvaltningen) closed down its activities in Arkelstorp and in Granvillan in Åhus.

_ The number of unaccompanied minors in our field of operation is steadily decreasing, says Ann-Christin Bjerrehus, head of the work of the Labour and Welfare administration.

Today the municipality still has four homes and a few flats for people who are ready to move out into the community. Two of the homes are what is known as housing with support, in Kastanjevillan in Karpalund and in Björkvillan in Önnestad.The other two are HVB homes, one Valnöten in Kristianstad and the other Körsbärsvillan in Tollarp.

_At present we have a total of 84 places and 54 minors in our homes. Previously we had 132 places and 79 minors, that was in week 1 when we started to make changes. We try to match what we do to the minors we have. On the one hand, in the autumn there were many who were refused asylum when the immigration authorities (Migrationsverket) started to make its decisions, and on the other hand some have reached the age when they have to move out. When they are 21 they must move to a place of their own, and our job is to help these young people become established.

When they are 21 they have to move out to a place of their own, and our job is to help these young people to establish themselves and become economically independent, to find work and to have a home of their own, says Ann-Christin Bjerrehus.

What are the prospects for your work?

_ Our plans are to change Körsbärsvillan from a HVB home to a home with support, and in March next year we’ll be leaving Björkvillan, notice has already been given.