Here's what politicians say about the elections in 2018

What are the three most important questions in the commune in the election in 2018?

There are 71 members in Kristianstad town council. The commune is led by Liberals and Centre from the right wing along with the left-wing Socialists, the largest party.


Liberalerna (Liberals)

1 Growth and employment. It is important that industries in Kristianstad continue to expand so that they can employ more people. Kristianstad must be an attractive place so that people and industries find their way to our commune.

2. School. More pupils must gain passing marks at all levels of schooling. In the long run the level of education must be raised and more people must go on to study at college and university.

3. Economy. The number of children and elderly people is growing in our commune. This means that both geriatric care and schools must be extended. For instance we must build several new schools in the near future. This costs a great deal of money and the commune must borrow money to fund all the investments. So we must be extra careful in how we manage our economy. In the long term the state must allot more funds to the communes.

Vänster party (left-wing)

1. Close the gap. We want to close the gap between rich and poor in our commune. Everyone should be able to have a proper job, a home and good schools.

2. Equality in the community. We want equality in the community, without racism and discrimination.

3. Shorter working hours. We want shorter working hours for people who work with the elderly. They have a high rate of sick leave and are underpaid.

Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish Democrats)

1. Economy. For a long time we have received more refugees in the commune than the economy can support. To be able to bear the cost of welfare in the commune in the future it is of the greatest importance to balance the commune’s budget and decrease the number of refugees.

2. Better school results. Better results require order in the classroom so that more pupils can complete their educaton and find work afterwards.

3. More jobs. Many people who were not born in Sweden are unemployed today and that is bad for the commune’s economy. We must have more people with employment if we are to balance the commune’s budget.

Centerpartiet (Centre party)

1. Jobs, apprentice- or training places. The focus is on reducing unemployment, particularly among  young people and people  not born in Sweden. More training programs to meet the needs of the economy, help to start firms of their own, more training/ apprentice places and meetings between representatives of businesses and job-seekers. All in conjunction with other operators and coordinated with labor policy  measures at a national level.

2. More students who pass their exams. Too few students in class 9 attain the level required to proceed to a higher level. Reduce the differences between schools. More focus on a good working atmosphere and structure in the classroom, arouse students’ dreams and motivation. Students who need more support will get help with homework, for example.

3. Fiber Optics for everyone. Fiber Optics is a prerequisite for business and the welfare services in the whole commune.Today the goal is that 95 % should have access to fiber Optics with at least 100 M/bits by 2020, the level we have to aim for is 100 % by 2025.

Moderaterna (Moderates)

1. School. In our commune school results are a catastrophe. 4 out of 10 pupils do not manage to get through upper secondary school and start their adult life with a failure – this in itself leads to alienation. It is necessary to have order in the classroom to create a good working environment right from the lowest classes and let teachers regain their power in the classroom.

2. Jobs. Despite the present boom, we still have a low degree of employment among young people and people who were not born in Sweden. We must create more simple jobs – so-called introductory jobs – that can get these groups out in to the labor market quickly.

3. Integration. To qualify for acceptance into Swedish society there should be lessons in Swedish from the very beginning, with regular progress checks. To qualify for inclusion in the Swedish welfare system there must be a reciprocal obligation. If we do not make demands on newly arrived citizens, we do not give them a chance to take their place in Swedish society.

Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democrats)

1. Introduce a guarantee for a place in an eventide home. Everyone who is 90 or more will be guaranteed a place in an eventide home if they so desire.  The commune will not be able to turn down this request.

2. Double the funding of club activities. Clubs and societies contribute to upbringing/ socialization and health and we want to give more support to this.

3. Lower taxes. High taxes lead to less freedom and fewer jobs. Our aim is to lower taxes.

Åhus party

1. Integration/participation. Work and education make everyone a part of society. The Åhus party works to create a society where every person is noticed and accepted for what he/she is. Every individual should take part in and contribute to the development of the community. Everyone should have access to the services of the commune according to his/her needs.

2. Economy. Everything that is done in the commune is based on the commune’s economy. By being active and creative and finding ways of getting people into jobs and able to pay taxes we can finance what is necessary. We must quickly and openly see and welcome the resources all the newcomers bring with them. Support and stimulus must be given to and in schools; all pupils must get the most out of their education and boost their self-esteem. Teachers and geriatric staff must be given the necessary conditions to carry out their important work.

3. Beach erosion. The commune must take decisive action in the question of beach erosion in Åhus.

Miljöpartiet (Environmentalists)

1. Climate/Environment. It must be easy to be climate- and environment-friendly. We want to strenghthen  work for a sustainable green commune. We have only one planet.

2. School/educaton. We want to intervene earlier to prevent problems, offer better conditions and increased equality in and between schools.

3. Democracy/equality. It is extremely important to increase participation in the community and keep up the struggle for non-discrimination.

Socialdemokraterna (Social Democrats)

1. School and pre-school. Education begins in the pre-chool classes. So we want to give more children a place in a pre-school class. It is especially important to train the Swedish language, particularly if a different language is spoken in the home. Continued efforts in schools. It is extremely important that young people obtain a leaving certificate when they leave school.

2. Geriatric care. After a long life, the elderly must be able to feel secure and get the support they need. At home, with the home-help service or in an eventide home. More places where older people, can meet and socialize and enjoy different activities. So we want to give adults even better opportunities to train for a job in the care sector.

3. Jobs. To have a job means a lot both for the individual and for the community. The commune can help to find jobs for more people. We will continue to develope adult education and apprenticeships.



Kommunfullmäktige Kristianstad (town council).

Number of councillors/seats per party:

Social Democrats                            23

Swedish Democrats                      14

Moderates                                      11

Liberals                                           10

Centre party                                   5

MIljöpartiet (Environmentalists)    4

Left-wing party                              2

Christian Democrats                      1

Åhus party                                       1