Fryshuset to pick up young people in Östra Göinge

Fryshuset in Stockholm is good at getting hold of young people who live on the streets. Now Östra Göinge wants to start a similar place where they can get together.
Östra Göinge
Leaders in the commune want a creative meeting-place for young people between 15 and 20. It could be a place where you can fix your moped, take dance-lessons, take part in dramatics, talk about the future, discuss various paths of study.
Or just hang around.
Representatives from Fryshuset will make a preliminary study i Östra Göinge.The background is that many young people in Östra Göinge are out of work or have not continued their education. Many have not found a place in any social group either.
Östra Göinge wants to catch the young people before they find themselves excluded from social activities.
– We want to do something new, something that can inspire more young people to become entrepreneurs or to continue with their studies, says Patric Åberg M), chairman of the municipal board.

Patric Åberg (M). Foto: Lasse Ottosson

Patric Åberg (M). Foto: Lasse Ottosson

– The idea is that the young people themselves are involved in creating activities. It isn’t anything that the commune fixes for them, we just create the opportunities and guarantee the finances, he says.
The commune hopes to have the project up and running within a year.
Fryshuset (the Cold Storage Depot) is a foundation whose activities are primarily directed towards young people. Fryshuset is in Stockholm, but there are branches in Gothenburg and Malmö too.
Its activities are expanding and today it is a meeting-place for leisure activities, education and social Projects aimed at young people.

Marie-Louise Lindell