Four men detained for burglary in jeweller's

Four men are being held in custody for breaking in to Rolf Nilsson’s jeweller’s on January 7th. Several people witnessed the burglary.

The men are aged between 34-61 years old and are from Jönköping and Gothenburg, where they were arrested by the police.
The aggravated burglary at the jeweller’s in Kristianstad took place at 8 am on Sunday January 7.
The perpetrators stole a wheel loader from Hästtorget. They drove the wheel loader through a shop window. Then two men entered the shop through the hole made by the wheel loader and grabbed the gold. The burglary was over in a few minutes. The thieves took valuables worth a great deal of money.

A black Audi combi was involved in the early investigation conducted by the police. The police’s theory is that it was the thieves’ getaway car.
The police have received several witness statements. Four people had seen all or part of the smash-and-grab raid.
The burglary had been carried out in a similar manner to others in Jönköping and Skövde last autumn.
The four men are aged 34, 41, 53 and 61. They deny committing the crime. All four have previously been sentenced to imprisonment for theft.

Birgitta Mattisson