Football festival in Tivoliparken - Sweden v. England match to be shown on large-screen TV

Now everything is ready for a football festival in Tivoliparken. On Saturday the quarter-final match between Sweden and England will be shown on large-screen TV. There can be as many as 5,000 to 10,000 who come to watch – and they will get free World Cup entertainment.


It is the ”Orange Town”, Kristianstad municipality and Arenabolaget AB who are giving all football-lovers a real summer present.

The 18 square metre screen will be placed on the new stage in Tivoliprken. And the arrangers are hoping that the park will be filled with fans.

– We want to make it a great event. There can be between 5 000 and 10 000people who come along, says Maths Malmström, Project leader for The Orange Town.

The broadcast starts when TV Studio begins at 2 pm. Kick-off in the quarter-final is at 4 pm.

The event is free for participants. They are encouraged to bring along a picnic basket with something to eat and drink. More toilets will be available, and security guards will be in place.

According to the weather forecast the weather will remain fine. It can be a hot match, in all senses of the word, in Tivoliparken on Saturday.

If Sweden goes on to the next round, will there be large-screen TV in Tivoliparken again?

–  Yes, we’re prepared, both for a semi-final and a final or bronze match, says Maths Malmström.

The Sweden v. England match will also be shown on large-screen TV in Centralparken in Osby on Saturday. The Sweden v. Switzerland match was shown there too, with great success.

Birgitta Mattisson