First sod cut for high-rise flats in Knislinge

The ceremonial first sod has been cut for Göingehem’s six-storey flats. The actual building will begin in May, and the tenants will be able to move in in November 2019.
Many people turned out on Tuesday to see the first sod being cut.
Göingehem’s 14 new flats in the Excelsior block on Brogatan in Knislinge will be ready to receive their new tenants on 1st May. (All the flats have been let).
28 tenants will move into the block in November 2019.
– It will be a big challenge for us to face, of course. We’re building quite a lot of new flats in the town, but at the same time it’s great that things are happening, says Göingehem’s managing director Henrik Loveby.
It’s no secret that Jerker Westdahl ( M), retiring chairman of the communal housing company Göingehem and the chairman of the municipal executive board Patric Åberg do not see eye to eye. According to Westdahl, Åberg wants to have luxury flats on the top floor at a rent of 17 750 crowns a month.

Photo: Arkitektgården.

– It might not be so easy to find tenants for them. And in that case we would have to face a loss in value of four million crowns, says Westdahl.
Instead the highest monthly rent will now be 9 750 crowns. The higher up the flat, the higher the rent.
Of course we want to get the contracts signed as soon as possible, so that everything is in order before tenants start moving in, says Kent Göstasson, who is in charge of Göingehem’s project.
The roof of the six-storey building is estimated to be in place by Christmas.
It has been a long journey for Göingehem’s new flagship. The project was first discussed in the committee six years ago.

Carl- Johan Liljedahl