Farmers demand acute measures after long period of drought

There has been very little rain this summer. Farmers in Sweden need emergency help because of the drought. And long-term strategic planning must be started as soon as possible. That is what Hushållningssällskapet (Swedish Agricultural Society) writes in an open letter to the Minister for Rural Affairs Sven-Erik Bucht (S).

For many farmers this summer’s lack of rain has been critical, and new solutions must be found. In an open letter to the Minister for Rural Affairs , Hushållningssällskapet (the Swedish Agricultural Society) demands that overdue grants be paid out as soon as possible. “500 million crowns from 2015 – 2017 still haven’t been paid out”, they write.

The CEOs of all of Sweden’s Agricultural Societies are behind the letter. In the letter they also demand that long-term strategic work on climate adaptation must be given a more prominent place.


Hilda Ärlemyr