Family’s kiosk went up in flames

Linjekiosken in Näsby burned down during Wednesday. ‘It feels empty and too bloody awful’, says Ala Salem who runs Linjekiosken along with his family.


Ala Salem stands beside what is left of the kiosk on Thursday morning. Along with his parents and his brother he has run the kiosk since 1997.

Now the business has gone up in smoke.

– It feels empty and too bloody awful, he says.

The kiosk could have burnt earlier, during the night between Sunday and Monday. An eyewitness saw a van close to the kiosk, and raised the alarm.

What are your thoughts about the two fires?

– I don’t think anything at all at the moment, we’ll see what the investigation comes up with, says Ala Salem.

Photo: Tommy Svensson.

Will you build up your business again?

– First we’ll see what the police technicians have to say, and then the Insurance. Afer that we can discuss it in the family. I can’t make any decisions as yet, he says.

Maria Sällberg