Exercise for the whole family - raffle for entry-fees to Hanaskog Runt!

Walking, jogging and running are good for your health. Doing it along with others is even more fun. For a number of years Hanaskog IS has arranged Hanaskog Runt, to be held this year on 2nd June.


Hanaskog Runt is being arranged for the 26th time. About 200 people usually take part, including 60 or so children who compete in their own “LöparKalle knatet” over 600 metres.

This year Ingvar Mårtensson is hoping for more participants.

– We want to broaden the groups. All the children who take part win a medal and a diploma. We have childminding facilities for people who want to compete but have young children with them, he says.

Hanaskog runt. Foto: Bosse NIlsson

Why do you keep up the tradition of Hanaskog Runt?

– We want to preserve the life of the village, that’s important for Hanaskog. And the feeling between the generations of belonging together is a great thing, he says.

Why is exercise important?

– In order to feel well. If you’re active, even just moderately, you get more out of life. That’s my personal opinion,answers Ingvar Mårtensson.

There are different classes for walking or running, for children, men and women.

If you would like more information, you can phone Ingvar Mårtensson , 0733-307362, in the evening.

Ingvar Mårtensson. Foto: Tommy Svensson

Footnote: See raffle for entry-fwees.