Events for women a help into the life of the community

Being creative with your hands while talking to others around a table is a way to get to know new people. Last Saturday, the theme was what associations there are in the community and hearts in all shapes and sizes.

Östra Göinge

Beads for bracelets and necklaces, different coloured paper and hearts are on the table in one of the rooms at Brobygården. It is time for the first of three women’s events.
Women and children around the table have their hands full.

– I’m making a card for my husband, said Asmaa Almasri who came from Syria three months ago. She herself hopes to get a red flower from her husband on Valentine’s Day.
Both she and the other women think women’s meetings are a good opportunity to get to know others. But it is difficult to attract Swedish-speaking women to the events.
– That’s what we’d hoped for, says Anna Pramberg, one of three women from “Goinge In” who along with Vuxenskolan are responsible for the meetings.
The day began with information about associations in the community.

– A good way to get into Swedish society is to be active in an association. We do a lot together in our free time, so we encourage women to go to their children’s activities with them because there is an opportunity to get involved there, says Anna Pramberg.
Standing and cheering at matches, maybe washing clothes after the match or helping sell coffee can be a great way to get to know more people.

Inga-Lill Bengtsson

Women’s meetings
On Saturday 24th March the knitting group, “Magic Loop” will be coming. All women, with or without knitting needles and yarn are welcome.

On Saturday 5th May it will be a day of scouting, for all the family. Scouts from Glimåkra will show people how to tie knots, there will be games and grilling of cakes such as “krabbelurer” (similar to American pancakes).

The events will take place between 10 and 12 at Brobygården.