Election 2018: This is where the number of votes is lowest - "It's a deficit in democracy."

At Gamlegården, participation in the election is the lowest in the municipality. It may be because the area is vulnerable, and there is segregation and a distrust of policians. But a number of people Kb Mosaik spoke to believe that more people will vote this year.


About 61 per cent at Gamlegården voted in the parliamentary  election in 2014. The figure for the municipality of Kristianstad as a whole was 84,6 per cent.

In the municipal election there were even fewer at Gamlegården, 59 per cent, than voted in the 2014 election.

Ingegerd Svensson was a vote receiver at the library  at Gamlegården.The last day – of a total of eight – to  vote in advance was Thursday.

– On average there have been 140 – 150 voters a day, she says.

Ingegerd Svensson was vote receiver: Foto: Tommy Svensson

All in all about 800 people have voted in advance. Significantly more, 1 408, did so in the previous election. But last time it was possible to vote in advance for 13 days.

Heléne Bengtsson works at the library. She thinks the low participation in the election is a result of the composition of the population at Gamlegården.

– A lot of people may not know that they are entitled to vote. That you can vote in the municipal election after being registered here for three years. And then some people may just think it doesn’t make any diference, she says.

Kristianstadsbladet asked people at the shopping centre why so few people vote. Someone answers that it is a vulnerable area, others say that there is segregation, and that integration campaigns have not borne fruit.

People are also suspicious of politicians, that they don’t keep their promises.

–  It’s embarrassing that so few people out here use their vote. I think it is  a deficit in democracy, says Aikarim Hassan (V), who is out informing people about the election.

–  It doesn’t matter whether you vote for me or not, as long as you vote, he says.

But he thinks more people will vote this year all the same.

A lot of people were eager to talk about the election at Familjehuset. Photo: Inga-Lill Bengtsso.

Kb Mosaik visited Familjehuset on Friday to talk about the election. About 20 parents were there with their children. Everyone Kb Mosaik spoke to, several women and one man, say that they have voted or are going to.

–  It’s about our children’s future, Yusuf Abdi Shire says.

Fahria Mohamad is going to be a vote receiver on election day 9th September.

Fahria Mohamad. Photo. Inga-Lill Bengtsson

She says:

– I tell everyone that it’s important to go and vote.


Pär Trulsson

Inga-Lill Bengtsson