Easier for young people to find jobs. Unemployment rate drops.

Every month for the past five years unemployment has gone down among young people in Skåne. The fastest reduction has been in Östra Göinge, but figures for unemployment among young people are still high in the municipality.


People between the ages of 18 and 24 are having less and less difficulty in finding jobs in Skåne. In August the unemployment rate for the group was 12,6 per cent. That is a reduction of 1,8 per cent compared to the previous year. It is the 61st month – more than five years – that unemployment among young people has gone down.

–  It’s very positive. One explanation is the good economic situation, which leads to less unemployment, among young people too, says Anna Hansen, an analyst at the Job Centre (Arbetsförmedlingen).

In all the municipalities in north-east Skåne there is less unemployment among young people. Nonetheless Östra Göinge has the highest rate in Skåne, with 19,6 per cent.

– But it is one of the municipalities where unemployment has been reduced the fastest compared to last year. That shows a positive development, says Anna Hansen.

Since last August unemployment among young people in Östra Göinge has gone down by 5,9 per cent. In Skåne, only Landskrona has shown a greater drop in numbers.

In Kristianstad unemployment among young people is 15,5 per cent, 0,8 per cent  lower compared to the same period last year.

The average for the whole of Sweden for people between 18 and 24 is 8,9 per cent. The lowest figure in Skåne is in Vellinge, with 6,6 per cent.

It is easier for young women to find a job than it is for young men.

The total unemployment figures for all age groups also show a reduction, and now stand at 9,3 per cent. Last year the figure was 9,9 per cent.



Unemployment among young people

Östra Göinge: 19,6 (-5,6)

Kristianstad: 15,5 (-0,8)

Bromölla: 15,1 (-2,6)

Hässleholm: 15,4 (-3,3)

Osby: 12,6 (-1,3)