Doctor provides answers on questions about children’s diet and health

Every child needs to both eat healthy food and exercise. As a parent it may be difficult to set boundaries on how a long a child can sit in front of the computer. As a parent you can now get answers on questions about children’s diet and health in a lecture at the Familjeservice (Family service) on April 24th.


All parents in Kristianstad commune are welcome to Fröknegårdsskolan for an open lecture with the schools senior doctor, Kristina Georgiev, on April 24th. She will address questions about children’s diet, health, exercise and time in front of computer screens.

The Familjeservice works with parent trainings in groups and also has individual conversations with families.

– We talk about parenting and about the relationship between parents and children in a family. The parents that we often meet are interested in children’s physical health. Therefore we have invited a doctor, Kristina Georgiev, who has many years of experience in these issues, says Sofia Samuelsson, Social Adviser at the Familjeservice.

– To give as many parents as possible the opportunity to attend, we have loaned the assembly hall at Fröknegårdsskolan.

Parents that want to participate must register their attendance at the Familjeservice by April 6th.