Denise and Didrik are ready for the big soap-box car race

Last year they had to be content with watching the soap-box car race. Since then Denise and Didrik have sawed, hammered and painted. Now they are ready for the big soap-box car race on 18th August with their car ”Herbie Thunder and Lightning”.


Didrik and Denise Brönjemark watched the soap-box car race last year in Glimåkra.

– We saw the race and thought it looked fun.

And the prize, several kilos of sweets, made them extra keen.

Straight after last year’s race they started making their plans.

– We’ve had a lot of help from granddad, and we’ve built the car in his garage, Didrik tells us.

Didrik and Denise have spent all winter hammering and painting. Photo: Tommy Svensson.

The soap-box car can be steered, and it has a horn and rear-view mirrors.

– And look, we’ve got a boot as well, Denise shows us.

Building the soap-box car has gone on all winter. They have spent many days in the garage. But now everything is ready, and Denise and Didrik are ready for the soap-box car race.

The big day is Saturday 18th August. The soap-box car race will be held at Prästängen in Glimåkra and is a feature of the family day organised by “Glimåkra Utveckling” (Glimåkra Development”).

Annika Persson is responsible for the soap-box car race. The children were told about the race at school before the end of term.

– What is specially good about it is the way children and adults get together on the job. There are lots of granddads who lend a hand, she says.

– But you don’t have to build your own, you can dust down an old soap-box car too. You can put your name down for the competition right up to the start at 3 pm on 18th August.

This year at last Denise and Didrik will compete in the soap-box car race. Photo: Tommy Svensson.

The soap-box car race is all about seeing which car covers the longest distance. A helper can push the car the first few yards, and the winner is the car that travels the farthest.

The family day takes place between 11 am and 4 pm. Douglas Nordenbelt, the magician from the TV-programme Talang, fascinates the audience at 2 pm. And the bouncy castle is in place.

And best of all – it’s all free.

Marie-Louise Lindell