Chronicle Inga-Lill Bengtsson: ”When have hate and racism ever been beneficial to furthering relations and a positive development in society? Never.”

“To have skin on your nose” and “to take your goods and chattels and go”. Two expressions that might be difficult to understand. In the newspaper office we often discuss – and have a good laugh at – different expressions.


To have skin on your nose means to be able to stand up for yourself, to know what you want, not to let anyone boss you around. That’s a good thing. No-one has to put up with any nonsense.

At the same time we live in a society where we are dependent upon one another and must show consideration.
No matter who we are, or where we come from.

When I met Hibaaq, aged 15, from Somalia, it warmed my heart. I could picture how, as a little girl at home on the smallholding, she stretched up to see aeroplanes up in the sky.I don’t know if she, her sisters and her mother managed to take all their goods and chattels, all their belongings, with them when they fled to Sweden. One thing that is clear is that here in Sweden she has the chance to realise her dream, to become a pilot. Read about her in this issue.

You can also read about Holma Forest Garden – I had no idea that it even existed. The Forest Garden in Höör is there for everyone. It costs nothing to go into the garden. You can read there about all the plants and pick some herbs or fruit. Carefully, of course. The right of access to private land is unique to Sweden. You can walk, cycle or ride more or less wherever you wish. As long as you are careful and considerate.

We in the Kb Mosaik editorial office are taking our goods and chattels and going off on holiday. Even though it won’t be a question of long journeys. I wish hate and threats could take a holiday, permanently. Although our opinions differ on various matters, about immigration or football players who make silly mistakes, it is totally unacceptable that anyone should write or utter the most dreadful racist comments.

What does a person who hates win? A harder, colder community. When have hate and racism ever been beneficial to furthering relations and a positive development in society? Never.

Of course we must have order in the community, laws and rules must be followed. Those who do not respect this , lawbreakers and criminals, must be locked up. I can loathe what they do, but hate? No.

In September there will be a general election in Sweden. The debate is in full swing. After the summer break, in its next issue in September, Kb Mosaik will present what the parties stand for, particularly in local matters. During the summer our blog will be updated regularly. Our colleague Sofyan Aswad will help with this.
He and we will also take the chance to have a break, then come back with renewed energy in September.
We hope that you have a pleasant summer.