Charlottesborg is now under camera surveillance

On Wednesday, the police began using surveillance cameras in the residential area of Charlottesborg. Two cameras have been set up on Jakobs väg.


The police want the cameras up over New Year. This is what commune police Martin Thornell wrote in a press release. The police have been given a temporary permit to have the cameras up for 90 days.
– The cameras are part of our work in making a safer and calmer situation with rockets than before, he writes.

Only authorised members of staff with the police can watch the footage. The police do not monitor the cameras continuously but only when a suspected crime is in progress or has occurred.

– It is therefore important to report crimes to the police. Not only to find out what happened after the event, but to also stop a crime that is in progress, writes Martin Thornell.

The purpose of the cameras is to provide the police with an additional tool for dealing with serious crime as well as the individuals that create problems. It is also a way to increase safety and security for residents.
– The goal is for the police, together with other actors in society, to turn developments around, so that the area will no longer be classified as a vulnerable area, he says.

The police are likely to seek a permanent permit for camera surveillance. Datainspektionen (the 
Swedish Data Protection Authority), is responsible for this.