C4 Shopping to open in September

Not many people can have missed how the C4 Shopping area has taken shape. Building started in 2016 and began with excavation and preparation of the ground. Then things happened quickly. City Gross was the first shop to jump the gun and open in the shopping centre in the autumn of 2017.


Kristianstad / Hammar


Everything indicates that it will be the weekend in September when wages are paid out, says  David Eklund, head of C4 Shopping Centre.


What is the exact date you are aiming for?


_  It’s just the weekend we’re discussing. Whether it will be Friday, Saturday or Sunday is still too early to say.


How does it feel?


_  Just great, of course.  Obviously we’re keen to get started.


C4 has engaged event arrangers Kraftkällan  for the opening.


_ We want it to be as good as possible, so we took on someone who can carry it out in a professional way.


What is going to happen at the opening?


_ There will be a full programme with something for everyone.


The opening of C4 Shopping will mark the end of a project which goes back to the middle of the  ’00s.


At first the plans were to open the building in 2014 or 2015, but the process was delayed by appeals. In 2013 there was also a demand for a referendum on the building, but the municipal council turned down  the request.


Now almost all the areas in C4 Shopping have been let.


_ There are some premises that we have intentionally not let, because we want to be flexible and make use of them if some new concept is put forward, Daniel Eklund told Kristianstadsbladet last week.