Building firm maintains that three of four have been paid

The building firm maintains that three of the four workers who asked for their wages have been paid. There is an unresolved conflict with the fourth man.
Kb Mosaik has spoken to the building firm where the four workers were employed, to a person responsible for wages.
Why have you no colllective agreement for your workers?
– It was too complicated. We’ve changed over to Fora, lots of firms are doing that. It’s just as good as a collective agreement, and better for us, she says.
She says that there have been different kinds of problem with the four.

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– They can’t ask to be paid when they’ve just begun their jobs. That’s not how things work, we’re careful to inform them that they get their wages on the 25th of the month, she says.
Two of the men have been paid, after applying some pressure. A third man, she says, has been paid in cash.
– He got his money when we met, she says.
Why was he given his money in cash?
– He hadn’t given us any bank account number, and he wanted to be paid in cash.
She promises to show us a receipt showing that he had been given his wages. But nine days later, Kb Mosaik is still waiting to see the receipt.

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The fourth man has received no wages at all.
– We weren’t happy about how he had done some work on the facade of a house. We agreed that he should do the work again, but he never came back, she says.
Nine days after talking to Kb Mosaik, she had changed her story. In an e-mail she writes:
“We’re going to talk to him, and we’ll do or utmost to find a solution”.