Bankruptcy request against VA Automative - 180 jobs threatened

The board of management of VA Automative has decided torequest bankruptcy. This means that 180 jobs are threatened.


The firm has done everything possible to find a solution with banks and suppliers, Lars Thunberg, managing director,says.

– We ran the company at a loss for a long time. We still hoped that the bank would be willing to help us out, but they had
no confidence in the firm as it is today, he says.

The decision will affect around 180 employees and 280 suppliers. In a case of bankruptcy, every employee is entitled to
a state-guaranteed sum of a total of 180 000 crowns.

– Most people have done a fantastic job.They are not to blame that the company has landed in the situation we are in today. It is a result of decisions made by some members of the board, says Lars Thunberg.

Cornelia Mikaelsson