Ban on begging declined once again in Vellinge commune

Both the Administrative Court in Malmö and Länsstyrelse Skåne (the County Administrative Board) have said no to a local ban on begging in Vellinge commune.


Vellinge communne decided in the town council on September 20, 2017 to introduce a ban on begging in certain areas of Vellinge, Skanör and Höllviken. The reason is that begging brings inconvenience and disturbs the image of the street

The proposals by the Moderaternas (Moderates) were supported by the Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish Democrats) and the Liberalerna (Liberals). But the Socialdemokraterna (Social Democrats), Miljöpartiet (Environment Party) and the local party Nya List (New List) voted against the proposal.

Vellinge commune will continue to appeal the ban on begging. Now the Adminstrative Court of Appeal is waiting for a new trial.
Several other communes in Sweden also want to introduce a ban on begging.