Baby case: Father sentenced to four years imprisonment

The father from Kristianstad has been convicted of aggravated assault on his daughter who only lived to be 34 days old. He has been sentenced to four years imprisonment. The mother was acquitted.


The Court of Appeal has made its decision. The father has been sentenced to four years imprisonment with the justification:

“The assault is deemed to be extremely aggravated as the father showed extreme ruthlessness and cruelty by repeatedly assaulting a very small and completely defenceless child who was completely dependent on him.”

The little girl was taken to the emergency room with difficulty breathing in September 2016. She later died as a result of a brain haemorrhage. The autopsy showed that the girl had a number of rib fractures.

“Furthermore, there was evidence that the girl during the course of her life had several bruises on her face and body,” the court writes in a press release.

Both parents denied that they had abused their child.