Appreciated course for parents starts again

Parents in Östra Göinge have a unique opportunity to go a course about how they can succeed as parents. The course is free. The commune is behind the course that starts in spring. It may also be a course for newly arrived parents.

Östra Göinge

The COPE programme is from Canada. The course gives parents support, tips and advice on how to get their children to be more receptive and listen to their parents. This autumn, the first COPE programme for parents was held in Östra Göinge.
– Those who attended the course were very satisfied, tells Helen Davidsen. She is one of those who holds COPE courses and works in the communes Individual and Family Support unit.–  What the parents liked best was the part on positive reinforcement. They also liked being able to talk to parents who are in the same situation, says Helen Davidsen.

In autumn a course was held. In spring there will be two courses with ten parents in each. The course is aimed at parents with children aged between 3 to 12 as well as teenagers.

In spring there will be a course with eight meet-ups, the dates have not been decided yet.

– We will take up different themes when we meet and watch a short film. Then the parents can discuss what wasn’t so good in them and come up with their own suggestions regarding solutions, says Helen Davidsen.

The courses will be located in different villages.

– We are also thinking of using an interpreter and starting a course for new arrivals.

From the communes side it can be seen as a win-win situation in the long-term, that all children in Östra Göinge will have good schooling and grow up to be safe and secure individuals.

Parents who wish to register for the course can do so by calling or sending an email to Helen Davidsen

Marie-Louise Lindell