Ambulance crew could work undisturbed at fatal accident scene in Glimåkra

The ambulance crew that were called out to the road accident in Glimåkra on Thursday disagree with the police who say that curious bystanders hindered them in their work.
On Thursday afternoon a motorist in his 60’s drove into a solid stone wall. The driver and the two dogs that were in the car died.
Now the head of the Premedic ambulance unit, Jeanette Brink, says that the crew do not recognise the picture given by the police, that is , that inquisitive private individuals had their hands and arms inside the ambulance to take photographs and to film.
– I’ve spoken to the staff operational manager. The manager says that they were not aware of anything unpleasant from bystanders, and were able to get on with their work undisturbed. Their work was neither hampered nor made more difficult by the public, says Jeanette Brink.
Police spokesman Robert Loeffel has only the information that was given earlier, information from the police patrol at the scene.
– As far as I understand, what the patrol reacted most strongly against and tried to prevent was primarily the unethical way in which people reacted. Private individuals filmed and took close-up photographs. It may be that they put their mobile phones up against the window of the ambulance cabin, says Robert Loeffel.