Åhuspartiet will not be standing in local election

The Åhuspartiet (the Åhus party) has decided not to stand in the local election in September. But the party will not be shutting down.


In the beginning of January, Kristianstadsbladet published an opinion poll on which parties the voters want to vote for. The opinion poll highlighted that the Åhuspartiet would receive only 0.2 per cent of the total votes in Kristianstad commune.
It also follows the decision made by the Municipal Council in autumn to divide the commune into two constituencies. And with the new rules in the electoral law, the Municipal Councils decision means that a party must get at least 3 per cent of the total votes in the commune in order to sit in the Municipal Council.
– I already said when the decision was made that it was the final nail in the coffin for the Åhuspartiet, said party leader Kjell-Erik Ståhl. He explained that there was a risk that the party might have to shut down.
At the Åhuspartiets annual meeting all 15 participants, according to Kjell-Erik Ståhl, decided to vote yes to putting the party to “rest”. This means that the party will not be standing in the local elections for the Municipal Council in autumn.
– We can’t manage anymore. We have lost our resources and only five of our members would be able to carry out an election campaign, says Kjell-Erik Ståhl now.
But the party is not shutting down. It will remain in the Municipal Council and carry out the election promises made to the electorate for this term of office, with a number of items on the agenda in the boards and the in the Municipal Council.
Kjell-Erik Ståhl is still hoping on a future for the party.
– Yes, we have received many comments that the Åhuspartiets voice is needed. And if after the election it would appeal to those interested, we have a platform to build on, says the party leader.
In the Municipal Council there are 71 politicians from nine parties. The Åhuspartiet has 1 seat in the Municipal Council.

Matti Stenrosen