Acute shortage of water – ban on taking water from lakes and rivers.

There is an acute shortage of water in Skåne.  Now there is a ban on taking water from rivers and lakes to water fields. Those who have permission to take water can continue to do so.


The situation is serious. So the County Administration Board has issued a ban on taking water from rivers, lakes and streams to water crops in the fields.

But those who have previous permission can keep on watering. We can’t stop that, says Anna-Karin Rasmussen at  the County Administration Board.

But not many farmers in Kristianstad have permission.

_ When it comes to lakes and streams there is quite simply no more water to take, she says. As far as the groundwater is concerned, the level is not as sensitive as levels in rivers and lakes.
_So the farms that draw from the groundwater  can go on watering. They have permission for exactly the amount of water they may take, says Anna-Karin Rasmussen.

That the farm has permission to water is because it is food that is growing in their fields, food that is for all of us. It is also important that farmers who grow fodder for the animals can water, she says.